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PIR / Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Foam
PIR-Polyisocyanurate foam is a new professional cryogenic thermal insulation material. It's better than polyurethane foam(PUF) both in physical properties and fireproof performance, especially in thermal insulation and flame retardance. It has low thermal conductivity, wide service temperature, dimensional stability. It can be prefabricated or cut by client requested,such as slab, shell, tee joint, reducer, irregular part and etc,
Test Item Unit Technical Data Test Method
Density (at room temperature) kg/m3 ≥40 ASTM D1622,GB/T6343
Closed Cell Concent%≥95ASTM D6226,GB/T10799
Thermal Conductivity (Ambient Temp.) W/(m.K) ≤0.022 ASTM C177, GB/T10294
Compressive Strength (+23°C) kpa
ASTM D1621,GB/T8813
Tensile Strengthat (+23°C) kpa
ASTM D1623,GB/T8812
Water Vapor Permeability ng/(pa.m.s) ≤5.0 ASTM E96,GB/T17146
Water AbsorptionVol. %≤1 ASTM C591 , ASTM C272 (Proc. A) GB/T8810
Linear Dimensional Stability+100°C for 24 hours
-40°C for 24 hours
+70°C and 95% RH for 48 hours
≤ 1
≤ 1
≤ 3
ASTM D2126
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionMm/mm/K≤70╳10-6ASTM D696
Reaction to Fire  Class B1 B1 GB 8624
Flame Spread Rate  ≤25ASTM E84,ASTM D1692
PH value   7.0~11.0ASTM C871
Service Temperature -196~+120