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Product Data of High Density PIR(HDPIR )
High Density PIR(HDPIR ) High Density PIR/High Density PUF is foaming polymer has the features of plastic,rubber and cork wood,produced through high speed stirring with the main raw material of isocyanate and polyether,adding with foaming agent,contacting agent and flame retardant,finished product has three-dimensional honeycomb structure,composed by thousands of tiny uniform hermetically closed cells.It has low thermal conductivity,high compressive strength,low water adsorption,anti-hydroyses,non-flammable,molding exactitude,it is a new perfect pipe support for cryogenic pipe line and equipment.
Property UnitTechnical Data
Core Density Tolerance%±10
Compressive StrengthMPa ≥2.0 ≥4.0 ≥7.0 ≥12.0≥18.0≥20.0
Thermal Conductivity
(Ave.Te mperature25℃)
W/(m.k) ≤0.032 ≤0.035 ≤0.042 ≤0.070 ≤0.080 ≤0.090
Water Absorption % ≤1.5 ≤1.5 ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Closed Cell Conten % >90
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion   65×10-6
Service Temperature -196~+120
Combustibility   Combustion grade no less thanGB8624-2012B2 grade