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DH Piping Pre-insulation system
  • DH Piping
    Pre-insulation system
  • DH Piping
    Pre-insulation system
  • DH Piping
    Pre-insulation system
Pipeline precooling technology is based on the principle of shear barrier sheet system, using factory mechanization production process, including PIR/PUR continuous spraying technology, glass fiber reinforced plastic outer protective layer technology.
Precooling layer spraying polyurethane cooling system structure from inside to outside is as follows:
  • Shear barrier layer (high density PIR)
  • Fiberglass needled felt (used as isolation belt)
  • Cooling layer: sprayed PIR/PUR
  • Glass fiber reinforced resin (GRE)
  • Dehe pre-insulation system conforms to European CINI insulation specification
  • The thermal conductivity of the freshly poured PIR in the pre-insulation system (0.023W/mK) is about 20% lower than that of the conventional PIR shell (0.028 W/mK) (the production of the shell from bubble block to cutting takes 2 to 3 months, with constant gas exchange resulting in an increase in the thermal conductivity of the shell).
  • Preinsulation adopts continuous PIR foaming, no joints, low thermal conductivity, compared with traditional PIR shell system, can reduce cold leakage caused by shell joints (save at least 10% extra energy consumption), reduce the consumption of BOG required to maintain low temperature of pipeline, and greatly reduce the cost of receiving station operation.
  • Dehe FS pre-insulation system, but also can save scaffolding costs and shorten the insulation construction period, reduce the pressure of the construction period. The structure strength of the pre-insulation system is firm, which can ensure the cold protection system of the receiving station to run for a long time and be completely free of maintenance.
  • Cnooc confirmed FS pre-insulation system (three innovations and three modernisation) pilot project -- Ningbo LNG Expansion Project -- 2020
    Application projects:
    Zhangzhou LNG Terminal Project—2021
    Guanggran LNG Terminal project—2021